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Small Business

If you are a small business owner who seeks help with your struggling business, I can help.

I can provide you with pieces of training and show you how I do it so you can DIY your own ad and save yourself some cash after.

Course Creators

This is my cuppa tea. I began with Lead Gen when I started with Facebook Ads. I love it!

I can provide quality leads for you, you nurture them till they are converted.

I trust you have a marketing strategy in place after Facebook Ads being a course creator.


Business-to-business is one of the in-demand offers I have seen rising since the pandemic. 

It is because of the anticipation people have to incase a global critical condition happens again.

Building a business is an all-time gold idea and it never run out of style.

Beauty Industry

The most highly competitive niche in the market right now.

There are challenges in this niche but we love challenges so it's not a problem.

We have our own dedicated approach to this kind of business line and I think we just fine.


I'm Jingo

From a housecleaner of 6 years in the beautiful land of Oz (Australia) to a Facebook Ads Strategist that does work anywhere & everywhere.

I decided I want to work on a desk when I reach 50. I did it.

I have been working with start-ups to establish businesses since 2018, locally and abroad.

AskJingo Projects, Senior Ad Strategist

How It Works


First, I will audit your Facebook Page, website and overall business assets. I will list down all that needs fixing.


Then, I will design a marketing plan or strategize your Facebook Ads according to your business structure.


Next, I will set up your Meta Business Assets. Outline your campaign. Launch. Analyze, optimize then scale.


Last but not the least, I will retain the best-performing ads and pause the underperforming ones. I will continue to test to address changes like ad fatigue that occurs in the middle of a campaign.

Leave The Marketing To The Marketers

Most of the business owners are advertising on their own, doing bootstrapping but ended up wasting more money in the process.

Not every businessman is a marketer. They're entirely different.

In business, work smarter not harder. Delegate.

If you worry about paying for the service of professionals, try hiring amateurs.

Businessmen who see potential in their product or service believe in it that's why they built it. Not knowing that businessmen and marketers are entirely different can be fatal. You can be the greatest innovator or the best business tycoon but success won't happen without the effort of great marketers, it's been proven a lot of times. Invest to harvest. 

Business Is Already A Gamble

It is ok to hire amateurs but hiring noobs cost you more money. 

Building your business is already a gamble. Invest in marketing. 

Bet On Marketing

Because in business, you bet on Marketing. It does most of the heavy lifting. They plan, they strategize and they execute, they deliver.

Vivi Skin

The Cosmetics Company owner tried to do Facebook Ads on her own and this was the result. [Refer to images below]

93 Messages in 18 days - Cost Per Message ranges from ₱25-₱379

They asked me to handle their ads and I started on June 19, 2022. Launched the ads on June 22, 2022. Analyzed their data, and implemented testing.

Applied my own method and after several tries, gradually, I was able to bring down CPA and managed to get a more targeted audience.

1,189 Messages in 18 days - Cost Per Message ranges from ₱10-15and 

Cynthia Fuller

The client and I were already stressed due to the rising cost per lead, it went up to 75% higher and on a very worst day about 175%.

Another struggle was, even if our audience came from a tight 1% LAA of Customer's List, leads are not converting. [Refer to images below]

651 Leads in 3 Months - Cost Per Lead ranges from ₱45-₱175

After several testing and experiments, I brought the campaign back to its former glory. Cheaper leads, converting too.

1,121 Leads in 1 Month - Cost Per Lead ranges from ₱15-₱25

Lucy Di Paolo

She was my very first client and up to now we have been connecting with each other in every marketing launch she would make.

A former ABC News Australia photographer to an author.

The progress was slow but it was what makes things more efficient.

It's a different story now. Proud of her!

Real Success Stories

My Mom was calling me constantly to tell me that messages keeps coming in.

It was the first time I received so many inquiries I couldn't handle them in a day.

Violeta Depalog

OFW, Stock Market Coach

Ang daming messages, dati isa-dalawa lang a month. At least may nakakaalam na nage-exist ang hub.

Armie Tabs

Co-owner, Naturale Hub PH

87 Leads in half a day?! Totoo ba to??

Raphael Maglalang

eBook Course Creator

X - Deal:

I happen to be the Founder of AskJingo Projects' "Jingo's List" which caters to giving FREE Advance Social Media & Digital Marketing Training to qualified and deserving Filipinos. I aim to get as many scholars as I can (I am talking about thousands) throughout the country with the help of our Volunteers, Company and Individual Sponsors.

In return, we do organic promotions for them for a time, give priority to our patrons, and offer a 30% LIFETIME DISCOUNT on any service of choice to show our gratitude.

I believe in the hand that gives, gathers.

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want" - Zig Ziglar

Intensive Pre-Campaign Marketing Package

Exclusively For Public Officials - Book A Virtual Meeting - email me: jingo@askjingo.com

The pre-Election campaign is the most critical stage in every election. Like on the internet, omnipresence plays a very vital role in making your brand (name) top of mind. How you position yourself and convey your message as well as how you instil that battlecry in perfect timing, on a precise period, will shape your outcome significantly.

  • Six (6) months before the election for local and 1-2 years (recommended) for national, soft campaigns should be running already. You can choose from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can also choose all.
  • Massive assets and creatives gathering will be done right away to prepare the road and make the brand as noisy as possible. Every action, every move, as in every breath, literally, will be reflected on your Social Media Accounts, 24/7.
  • Strategize different approaches and test them to find what appeals to the people. We have a Psychologist onboard that helps us with shaping the cognitive bias of a person.
  • We despise fake news that's why we won't engage with one. We are real people with real political outlooks and our thoughts will be set aside. We exercise professionalism. Business is business and by business we mean results.
  • We have the best marketing model deliberation (COSTREN), the newest and is projected to be the most effective and prudent approach in any campaign with the perks of being recognized widely for something unique that can last a lifetime.





Simple, basic Facebook Ads and asset building. Includes optimization, scaling and monitoring.




Larger scope and more effective, flexible move. Achieve more with a small additional investment. Everything in basic plus+ 

  • Methodical Reporting
  • Account Repair & Maintenance.




Top brass team, most effective, flexible move. Everything from the 2 tiers plus+

  • Strategic Marketing Campaigns
  • Tactical Copy Writing
  • Professional Video Ads & Image
  • Social Media Management
  • Methodical Reporting
  • Account Repair & Maintenance





Simple, basic features and instant access to amazing case studies





Simpler, faster and more effective, flexible move. Achieve more with a small investment





The simplest, fastest and most effective, flexible move.

Frequently asked questions

About Our Brand

What niches/line of business do you do for promotion?

I specialized in Lead Generation mostly for online courses & service based (e.g. lawyers, and doctors). I have a team for Real Estate and also for bric-a-brac (e.g. jewelry, fashion accessories etc..). I also am gearing towards servicing political ads locally and nationally, so if you need one or know of someone who might need this service, I am happy to share blessings.

Do you also do Email Marketing?


Do you do chatbots too?


About Our products

Do you accept 1-on-1 mentoring?

Yes, email me directly at jingo@askjingo.com

Do you have online training?

Yes and as of the moment I am upgrading my videos and as soon as it is ready they will be live for grabs. email me at info@askjingo.com with the subject "training" so I can put you on the list. I also have the "Account Immunity Protocols" for securing accounts and assets coming very soon.

Do you have any advice, tool, cheat sheet etc that you can share?

Sure, please check my youtube channel Jingo TV

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  • info@askjingo.com
  • +61 428 895 717

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