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Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve A Decent Revenue For A Decent Cost With A Decent Ad.

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Leave The Marketing To The Marketers.

Focus More On Improving Your Business.

If you worry about wasting money hiring professionals, try the amateurs.

Most of the business owners are advertising on their own doing bootstrapping but ended up wasting more money in the process.

Not every businessman is a marketer. They're entirely different.

In business, those who can spend more gain more.

We do creatives, explainer videos to product video or simply a catchy image. Price range depends on the scope of the project.

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***Pay first policy.

I check and audit Business Manager & Ad Accounts to find out if it is setup correctly or otherwise. I troubleshoot the glitches and tell you what to do or I can do it for you.

Fill up this form and I will tell you if it needs repair. 

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***Pay first policy.

BESTSELLER: I check and assess adcopies and creatives to see if it can convert. If not, I gie suggestions you can follow, change your adcopy or I do it all for you. 

Up to 1 adcopy + 3 creatives (image/video

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***Pay first policy.

What's the catch if you let a strategist handle your ads?

  • You don't have to wreck your brain out to compose an effective adcopy.

  • No need to worry what kind of creatives to create.

  • You don't know how to structure a proper campaign, we do.

  • You don't know testing, that's our forte.

  • Saves you from stress when your ad is not working.

  • You don't experience heartbreak when your account gets disabled, we cover that part.

  • We take the responsibility out of your hands.

  • We free up time for you, the most valuable asset a person have.

  • You can focus your time on things that matters most.

  • You can go sort stuff for your business instead of fixing an ad.

  • Maybe watch Netflix for as long as you please.

  • Or just sit back and enjoy time with your family.

  • Pointers For Biz Owners

  • Messaging is cheaper than conversion..

  • Budget is important. Low budget, low result. Bigger budget, bigger audience.

  • Facebook Page needs to be very engaging. That helps in reduce CPM.

  • You should reply to messages and comments promptly.

  • You should like comments. Hide negative ones. Do not delete, hide.

  • Facebook conduct surveys to customers, asking about website loading time, shipping and character check.

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