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The Truth About Facebook Ads.

Have you watched a bunch of video tutorials and even enrolled in a course but still couldn’t move forward with your Facebook Ads journey?

Perhaps bought this tiny quick buck training for 12, 15, 29, 49 Dollars and found out they are everywhere on the internet for free?

Went through gazillion articles or blogs or even followed a coach you’ve seen online and realized they are all the same? 

Nothing about what was claimed to be a secret is actually a secret. Yes?

Geez, you and I share the same sentiments my friend…

The truth is, “almost” everything that you need to know can be found in the internet for free.

You heard me right. The very thing that separates free information against the paid one is the way it is being delivered and how it is being taught.

The difference among the chunks of online courses everywhere is the coach who sees you through your vision.

Different goals, different approach.

I cannot say much to tell you what Facebook Ads can do to help your business grow unless we both jump inside your world, your goal and your orbit.

To shed a bit of light, here’s a logical explanation for you to see it in my view:

✔︎As an advertiser, I handle different businesses with different needs and different goals.

✔︎I structure these ads differently, I cannot use the same approach to each of them.

✔︎In the same way a course can’t be standardized, that is why you have to understand that you are not paying for the resources to be honest. 

✔︎You are paying for the time, the knowledge, the effort and more importantly you are paying for the experience of learning it "hands-on".

There is no secret. The word itself is too overplayed.

Facebook Ads courses on the back draft is the same as as any other courses. There are protocols. It is science based but is data. It is run by an Machine Learning (ML) powered by a system called algorithm. 

You should not be fighting with the Algorithm, you should be playing along with it.

The best way to become good at Facebook Ads to learn MARKETING on top of anything else.

Like in Math, you follow the formula and you get the same result however you do it.

But's the engine to the vehicle. Sales happen after Facebook Ads which is fundamentally marketing.

Marketing is the key.

Facebook Ads delivers the ad to the right market, Marketing does the selling. It is by sending the right message to the right audience.


In every course or study, you learn by asking questions, for seeking help, when you don’t understand the teaching, you ask.

We coaches learn from you too. When you ask questions and we don’t know the answers, we do research so we can deliver the answer to you. Afterall it is what you pay us for and we learn in parallel with you. So it basically serves both ways.

For these reasons, I can strongly say that the best BONUS you can ever get from a course is when you find a course that addresses all that I have mentioned. All the rest is part of the learning experience that you can only get by betting all in that passion and attention with the conviction that you will stand up as a winner.

You want an honest deal? You get that extra when you hit the button earlier than the rest of the birds. There you go.

Goodluck & kindest thoughts for you.

Keep going.

the 21 day fb ads challenge™

Most courses concentrates on the back draft of structuring Facebook Ads while overlooking the primary approach to be able to generate leads or make a sale. That is putting up a great marketing message that penetrates your market's emotion. People are triggered by emotions when making decision, according to Psychology of Marketing. Other than these points of consideration is the ultimate Facebook's goal that you cannot ignore for they are the spine of what is significant in every square inch of a campaign to make your ads successful. In this training, you will enter Facebook's ecosystem and understand them from the inside which helps you understand better before you can structure a Facebook-Advertiser-User friendly marketing campaign.

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Here’s what people are saying

Luci Di Paolo

Author, Professional Photographer

Melbourne, Australia

"Her patience is another factor not everyone possessed nowadays..."

I was very happy I met her. It would have been rough doing business without her significant contribution to the growth of my books. Many thanks to her x

Violeta Depalog

OFW, Stock Market Investment Coach

"Hulog ka ng langit..."

Ang galing ng ginawa mo, very happy ako. I make sales everyday at pati pambayad ng ads kuha na sa sales.

Thank you talaga sis Jingo.

Petrush Macute

DepEd Superintendent

"She helped me launched my first ad..."

Without her help, I will not be able to send my message to the people. She went her way to teach me how to do it and even created a video to particularly address my needs. Best coach.

What's in it for you

You're gonna Get The 3 Modules Separated into 3 Weeks


Module 1: Marketing Principles

Over here, I will prepare each and everyone to learn the basics. Some of you may already have known these but for the rest, I need to teach it to them since my promise is from point A to point B.

Other than laying down the foundation, I will also discuss the importance of Marketing. This is what most FB Ads coaches forget to emphasize.

FB Ads is mainly mathematical.  It works for the algorithm and the system. Marketing is psychology. It is how you persuade a non buyer to buy and become loyal to you at some point. This is human to human. This is tapping emotions.

Please do not forget that we are talking to a person behind those mobiles and computer screens. Still it is emotions that compels then to decide to buy. 


Module 2: Fundamental Structures Of Facebook Ads

On the second week, I will introduce you inside Facebook Ads basics. You will see in this week the terms and fundamental structure of doing FB Ads, which is essential to understanding better on how it works and why it is vital to learn them before jumping to a more strategic approach.

A lot of people is making a massive mistake in their creatives and adcopies. People are so focused on targeting that they forget that targeting is useless if the ad quality is poor. It starts with copy writing and creative making. You need to suck this one hard because this is where you can become a good marketer.

This is where you will discover the importance of the The Thompson Theory and creating high converting FB Ad Policy compliant adcopies and creatives.


Module 3: Strategies For FB Ads Scaling

The last week will be focused on the strategies on how you can play Facebook Ads to work for your kind of business.

We will talk about the formula and the more analytical method in structuring a more targeted campaign.

This is more focused on ad testing because to be find your converting ads, you need to learn how to test effectively.

Once you learn how to work around this stuff, you will be able to  personalized  your own strategies for your own particular business and continue to test every variable necessary to improve the quality of your ad and the responses you want to get from your ideal audience.


Module 4: Live Trainings

Wrapping it all up and pointing out core foundations that are essential to Facebook Ads growth and success.


Now our pride and our best Bonuses!

Bonus 1
Compilation Of Best Facebook Ads Swipe Files

Valued at PHP 5,000

Screenshots of the exact best Facebook Ads I've used in my own campaigns as well as the ones I found over the internet and used for references.

These are in the form of a PDF along with the structuring of its creatives used, image, videos & thumbnails. 

Bonus 2
Facebook Ads Proven Case Studies

Valued at PHP 5,000

These are case studies I've done that has given me and my clients excellent results. I've also included some useful case studies from my foreign mentors which I followed and has definitely contributed to the success of my own campaigns and of my clients. 

Bonus 3
Tutorials On How To Revive A Banned Account 

Can you price this?!!

Correspondence that I have used personally to appeal to facebook.

A method/trick that I've personally discovered when I got my BM Banned. Poof! This has never been disclosed elsewhere. Only inside the challenge.

I've personally found this out through mistake. Mistake is your friend when it comes to Facebook advertising.

About The Coach,

I attended different conferences and business seminars in Australia and a few more in Asia just to put this altogether. Overwhelming? I know...

The irony of it though is, I didn't learn all my shits from the training. Not even from attending conferences and seminars and watching all the expensive tutorials. I learned it from the mistakes and failures I encounter every advertising process I did.

The more mistakes I made, the better I become. 

Learning mistakes ahead of the others sets your foot one step ahead at the same time. 

That is the best teacher indeed. Experience. There is no price for that.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Melanie Ramos


Blog Coach

Glenn Chavez

RN, Stock Market Investment


Mirasol Fermis

Personal Improvement 


Worth over pHP 192,887 in value

Nung una hindi ko ma grasp mabuti yung inaaral ko, it feels like Calculus lahat sya para sa akin. Parang Alien language dahil mukang techie masyado. The training I enrolled is one of the top in the field and students are all over the world. 

I was a housecleaner and a carwash girl in Australia and dreaming BIG is what brought me to this. So, all the internet marketing jargons seems like an unsolvable matrix I will never get to learn but thinking about the blood money I paid pushed me to keep going.  

This is the exact reason why I designed this training in a way that it won't overwhelm the trainee. These lessons are broken down into yummy bites that you can chew and dissolve easily with every meal served.

Before I enrolled to high priced courses i took the long way first. The free youtube trainings and the free eBooks I can ever find. Name it, I probably have it. I had a habit of free eBook shopping just to cut cost learning the stuff.

It took me longer and I spent more buying tiny amount here and there, I didn't learn enough. 

You can DIY, sure, but I bet ya it will take you to circles and just keep getting back to basic. 

You can enrol to the $15 or $49 you will find in the web but you need to enrol to a lot more others to compliment those quick buck courses that is not even self explained.

I know right, I did it too!

I took courses in all sizes and spent more than 200K (PHP) and those were no longer useful now since Facebook randomly change it's policy day after day after day.

P 7,890

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Course Enrollments close on July 25th 2019


100% Money Back Guarantee within 7-Days

In the event that you think you are going nowhere and it seems that this training isn't the right fit for you, you can ask for a refund and I will return your money in full by sending me an email with the subject "Sorry, I quit" to

You will get your money back in full, no questions asked.

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MJ Tapia

Coach, Social Media Content

Creator & Coach

JB Borromeo


Course Creator Coach

Nemz Quiquino


Frequently Asked Questions

What are common questions about your course?

What are common questions about your course?

Can You Put Example Questions Here? 

Can You Put Example Questions Here? 

Can You Put Example Questions Here? 

Can You Put Example Questions Here? 

P 7,890

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access To All Modules via FB Private Group
  • Access To Lifetime Updates
  • Access To All Resources Upgrades
  • Access To All Live Trainings
  • 4 Weeks Coaching via eMail and Messenger


I have all the tools and the necessary steps that you can use on your own campaign. This doesn't necessarily mean that it guarantees your success without getting your hands dirty. You need to follow the strategies and methods and mixed them with your own messaging and business structures to be able to come up with an effective campaign "right" for your own type of business.

Still, the experience, the mistakes and the continuos experiment is what will give you your best result. There's work involve I have to remind you that.

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