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FB Ads Starter Kit

P 597 (25%)

A complete A to Z guide to start Facebook Advertising. With PDF, Worksheet, Cheatseet & Video tutorials to kickstart a Facebook Ad Campaign.

 Plus a private support group where you can ask help whenever you need it.


P 7890 (25%)

The advance version of FB Ads Starter Kit, a more intricate Facebook Strategies that will make you enter its limbo and understand how Facebook Ads work from the underworld. 

Over 70 Videos - templates, worksheets, support and the latest happenings in the Facebook ecsystem straight from reliable sources. With continous feeds of strategies and methods that are being revealed in parallel with the ever changing FB Ad policies and Community Standards.

Code Red

P 1997 P 997 (1000PHP OFF) (25%)

The Silver Bullet.

The main man.

Keeping your businesses on the safe zone and more...