Few easy tweaks to lower your CPM.  

By Jingo Thompson

Since the “new normal” was forced its way to people, we can’t do anything but to embrace and learn it. We were not informed that one day will come that we have to stay home and find ways to work from there.

The irony of this is, this is what we have been wishing for a long time. To be able to work from home and be with our family while making a living. Lifestyle entrepreneurs knows this. Freelancers too.

Now it’s here.

As the old saying goes, “be careful what you wish for”.

With the unexpected introduction of the “new normal” to the world, people jumped into online business. Thousands if not millions globally are embracing this and perhaps some do unwillingly.

With that said, going online business needs to learn how to play the game and the biggest players are social media platforms. The biggest is Facebook™.

If you have been here, it is most likely you are doing Facebook Ads, right? And you still couldn’t figure out a few things.

I myself have been doing this for over 2 years, learned my skills from the best coaches “with s” because I enrolled not just to one, not just 2 but several courses “with s”, yet still, continuously learning day in and day out. It wasn’t easy I must admit, but it is definitely worth it.

But you see, Facebook keeps changing it’s policy several times this year and perhaps is still on the roll. So we can expect more changes in the coming days.

When Facebook changes something, I need to learn it by myself because basically my coaches get the same timeline when the change comes in.

Therefore, other than the learnings you have, it is the mistake, the failure and the hardcore experience you need to go through to adapt to that changes.

Now as promised.

Quick Tips To Stay In The Safe Zone When Creating Campaigns

  1. User Experience – Facebook™ ultimate goal is the pleasant experience of its user whenever they come to Facebook™. Therefore if users are commenting negatively to your ad, Facebook™ do not like that. You must keep your copy creating a positive vibe so that people like, comment and share your adpost. Zuck like it like that.
  2. When people comment negatively try to respond as much as you can as tolerably as you can. If it’s too ridiculously bad, just hide it. Don’t delete. Otherwise you’re deleting your engagement. That will hurt your page score.
  3. When people start their ecom business, they begin to work on their logos, profile photos and cover image. Then put more attention to their ecom website forgetting their Facebook Business pages. Sometimes, totally abandon them. Mr Zuck doesn’t like that because you begin to neglect the people who followed your page which is opposite to FB’s goal User Experience. If there is no action, no movement, no engagement, your page will fall the 20% for positive score threshold and will be at risk. Keep posting even at least 3 times a day. Something that people will like and will engage with.
  4. Do not just post ads on your page the whole time. Post some funny videos or inspirational quotes. No link to your website, no ads, no promotion. Just a regular normal post.
  5. Boost post once in a while for like 100 Pesos per post to keep engagement on your page. That’ll keep your page score afloat and that will lower your CPM. If you are neglecting your Page, Facebook™ will penalize you by high CPMs.
  6. Remember there are two (2) policies you need to be aware of when you want to stay safe using Facebook™. The Facebook Ad Policy and the Community Standards. You need to keep understanding and complying into this and you’ll be playing long in the game.
  7. Study the Facebook Blueprint to learn about safe ads and learn more about basic advertising. It is one way to keep abreast with everything Facebook™ wants us to do.
  8. Try to keep your images and thumbnails for your creatives on the 20% text rule or better yet, no text at all. If you want to check if your creative is approved, here’s a tool by Facebook™ that is very useful. Just upload your creative and it will tell you right away if it’s passed or rejected.

We advertisers never stop learning, because everytime we submit ads, we say a li’l prayer that it’ll be approved or keep our fingers crossed hoping it’ll go through alright.

Other than Pages, there are ads images, ad copies, words, strategies, ad accounts disable, restricted advertising access, BM’s blocked etcetera… to worry about.

When this happens, our world shut down like we literally can see our dreams flying outside the window.

I know, I have worked with people whom I personally can’t help but carry the weight too.

So I spent several months while on quarantine, troubleshooting and researching on how to resurrect an ad account at risk. Find the littlest details why it happens and how it can be brought back to it’s pristine status.

If you are interested, let me introduce to you The Code Red Kit.

Keep safe. Keep going.