93 Messages in 18 days - Cost Per Message ranges from ₱25-₱379

They asked me to handle their ads and I started on June 19, 2022. Launched the ads on June 22, 2022.

I analyzed their data and implemented testing.

Applied my own method and after several tries, gradually, I was able to bring down CPA and managed to get a more targeted audience.

1,189 Messages in 18 days - Cost Per Message ranges from ₱10-15 

This is a beauty product where competition is tight and noise is an x-factor.

Also, the page was a mess since it is targeting two personas. Distributors and Users. Everytime I launched an ad for distributors, we were getting mixed responses.

Some were asking how much per set/pc which is not my target audience. My target audience is business personalities.

I have to do cleansing, separate the two audiences and create two separate pages. Then, launched a different set of campaigns. One for the distributors and another for users.

I semi-automated the message responses, I went through all the messages and see the pains of the responders (audiences).

From there I created the spiels for the chat support almost tailored to each potential customer.

Using FB native tools. No extra apps or software was bought. No extra cost on the client's part.

So far, we've automated about 65% of the entire online process and continue doing so with great outcomes since the client is now focusing on converting leads and not on reducing CPM or finding the right target market.


The client and I were already stressed due to the rising cost per lead, it went up to 75% higher and on a very worst day about 175%.

Another struggle was, even if our audience came from a tight 1% LAA of Customer's List, leads are not converting. [Refer to images]

Around March to June 2022 was our lowest point. 651 Leads in 3 Months - Cost Per Lead ranges from ₱45-₱175

After several testing and experiments, I tried several Interest Targeting and as much as 5%-10% LAA while breaking down demographies and shuffling different kinds of creatives, we brought the campaign back to its former glory. 

Cheaper leads and converting too.

1,121 Leads in 1 Month - Cost Per Lead ranges from ₱15-₱25

Ongoing work...

About to do a case study for a former Lead Gen online course to Message Campaign using Facebook's native tool called Automated Chat. The tool is like a mini automation series of Manychat but a "micro version". 

It disqualifies unwanted leads that are not really quality. Thus, eliminating wasted time and money.

I'll post the work here soon.

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