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Discover the ways On how to prevent getting shut down

by facebook™ and keep your scores positive.

A solution on how to Resurrect Your Hopeless Business when your Ad Accounts Gets Disabled

You and I probably had the same story, felt like the world shut down all because of BM getting banned?

You're here because either you're having trouble or wants to prevent it from coming.

There are 3 ways it can hold you for a few mistakes you didn’t know you need to attend to.

Hence, it makes it somehow tough. But these are fixable.

You only need to follow a few steps to regain your ad accounts back to over-all good status.

Facebook™ loves it when you care for the users and it’s all that you have to focus on and the rest will be nice and easy as long as all your assets are policy compliant.

Some people are missing out a lot by only applying the Ad Policy, often forget that there are also Community Standards to keep in mind.

It is a community.

You keep communities safe.

If you know this, you will have a pleasant relationship with this platform.

This program will walk you through how to keep your business pages above the SAFE line and how you can make an ad account quality below the 1% negative threshold to keep advertising on the platform.

It comprises short videos that show what needs to get done to give users a pleasant experience. There were few forgotten steps but has big impact when taken.

It will also show how an ad account can still go back to its pristine condition.

There is also a method to revive accounts that are at risk.

Not even the best coaches of the world are exempted to this. This is a normal occurrence and it is getting badder as times goes by.

At least someone can help show how to avoid this or help resurrect even at least your page where thousands of your followers are which took you years, effort and money to build.

Until it happened to me. FB shut down my BM of 5 years, I didn't stop finding a solution that does not need me to switch identities or credit cards etcetera...

I studied the whole situation, spent night after night and patch the whole thing up, piece by piece. I never stopped, analyzed every strand and every point until I found out the odd thing that led from one to another. The key point behind success. 

Hence, the birth of Code Red Kit.

I compiled all the secrets and strategies that lead towards my life's turning point. Everything you need to know, gathered in one kit.

I believe it's your turn..



Here’s What You’ll Get When You Buy Now

  1. You will get 2 video SERIES that tells you exactly everything on how you would still be able to continue running that business under your own established brand that is already known to your audience.
  2. You will discover the yet known hacks (strategies) to prepare your business in a "just-incase" scenario.
  3. If you do the strategy before things get rough, you might be able to save 'em datas.


3 Valuable Videos !

Aside from the original intention of this kit which is to resurrect your restricted business capacity, I have 3 more other bonuses that you will get when you buy this kit. Please check out listings below.

Bonus 1
List of "101 Dont's" In Facebook Ads To Stay In The Safe Zone - PDF
  • You will discover most of the "donts" so you can avoid those and minimize your mistakes, less mistakes means way farther from the restriction zone, then you can work on number 2 and so you can work on your scores and status and give it a lift again.
  • Bonus 2
    How To Revive An Ad Account At Risk & Bring It Back To Its Glory
  • 3 Parts Videos. Here, you will learn the suggested valuable methods on how to give your ad accounts a lift, specially when your Page score and Ad Account Quality scores are already on the edge and you're almost as good as restricted.
  • Bonus 3
    The latest in facebook feature - The power 5 explained
    • An explainer  video that tells about how it is easier for advertisers to test their ads now using the Power 5, a new Facebook feature that I have tested and started loving right now. This Power 5 has freed me enough time which I now focused more on my copies and creatives which is also impactful in converting audience.

    "Plus a Private Facebook Support Group where you can ask questions in eternity :D"

    How much are you willing to pay for peace of mind? Think about a time when you see or hear other people experiencing the same trouble you underwent? You know what they feel right? Now, imagine getting yourself not having to go through that again...

    Jingo thompson

    Facebook Ad Strategist

    About Me

    I am a typical ambitious modern day mother of 3 young adults. I have tried several ways to rise above hardships and adversities. I was a housecleaner and a carwash girl for 6 f*king years.

    I was not someone born with a silver spoon but with a silver bullet which is my persistency to change circumstances that I think won't make me be the person I want to become.

    I am not a college degree holder and I learnt most of my sh*ts through self-learning, failures and mistakes but I kept going. Not even when it's stormy. I faced troubles square in the face. With tenacious spirit and a dream only people from poor background will understand.

    Facebook Ads is something I find self worth, it has gven me troubles left and right. What it didn't realize is I am a troubleshooter by heart. Even if it's tough sometimes, it became my passion, after all, there's just 2 options in life. 

    Go BIG or go home.

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    Trees do not bear fruits over night...

    Not many people get to the point of their lives that they get what they want. Most of us, wants to succeed. But if you stop at every dog that barks, how are you gonna get there?

    Read the successful men and women's stories. How they crawl way back up and how they brave adversities thrown their way. Smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. 

    It is the tenacity, self discipline and constancy of purpose that will take you to your destination. Use every obstacle as a stepping stone.

    Real men don't quit. No f*cking matter what.

    Success is not easy but it is also not impossible. 

    Remember: Rome wasn't built in a day.

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