How I turned my Failures, mistakes & struggles Into a highly effective skill that helped me become an expert in testing, scaling & optimizing results using the combined approach of facebook™ ads strategies + marketing principles

Hey there,

Did this happen to you? You almost booked a client but screwed the deal because soon as they asked you if you have skill in Facebook™️ Ads,  "in what", you replied. Like I know how to do it, personally such as boost post etc...but not as a professional service.  Hehe, yan ang kwento ko.

I remembered, in 2017, when I started getting sick of cleaning houses & washing cars here in Oz (don't get me wrong, it's good money pero nakakapagod friend specially on winter time), I decided to look for work online. VA, Social Media Manager, email sorter/responder, content creator etc...freelancing as they call it!

As we know things evolve and so is the internet. Not many people, not me at least thought it would hit really big time one day. As we can see, businesses are falling apart because their competitors considered going digital ahead of time. Lahat na kasi nasa internet.

Now, one of the most sought skill is Facebook™️ Ads. Maniwala ka man o hindi.

I kept brushing off the idea, I always say it's not that in demand. I was wrong, 3 out of 5 clients were after someone who has FB™️ Ads skill and I am becoming more and more irrelevant for not having it. Hindi ko yan na-imagine, nangyari talaga sakin. Imfak, tinamaan ako. Kaka-sad kaya.

To stay in the loop I need to learn what the clients require. I need to be able to address the problem.

Guess what? I made the decision. I bought a course (pikit-mata). Not one but several courses. Some of them ended up too basic that I ended up having piles of cheap ones in my junk folder. Tipid ako ng tipid kaya yung cheap lang binibili ko, ayun, bitin, kulang, kailangan na naman bumili ng isa pa para magtugma sa una. I am not sure if it happened to you? But trying to save some cash (nagkukuripot), I took cheap crash courses and ended up buying another and another and another. I literally wasted gazillion (ang big time diba? Ang big time ng iyak ko!) dollars with the tiny quick buck tutorials till I decided to buy the premium ones. Expensive mistake I tell ya (diretso na lang sana ako sa Premium course, kung alam ko lang).

Sounds familiar?

Anyhow, I jumped in with eyes closed and bought the two grand course (2k USD), another $799 and membership here and membership there. Studied it, practiced it and implemented it. Then I realized something: Never rely on the courses alone. They are standard. They fit every situation but the mixture of your analytical self plus the experiences along the way and the failures you will encounter each time are the 3 keys that makes you good (research reasearch din noh, syempre dagdag diskarte din). Most of all, find a coach! You cannot undermine the value of coaching. It makes everything easier to grasp and and helps lighten the burden to carry.

But to be better you can't just be good at FB™️ Advertising, you also need to be equally good in Marketing. 

Every situation needs extra touches. Every product needs angling. Every campaign has to be a masterpiece of its own. When you do that, you will never have to look for client for life. The clients will look for you.

If you are keen to learn how to be the expert in the field, I have the secret you're looking for. 

I created a training, it came from a place of struggle, the desire to learn and an ambitious spirit to become the expert in my field. My mission is to try to make sure that the mistakes I made will not happen or at least a bit less painful for those who will join the journey with me. Promise friend, iba yung may nakakausap ka na pareho kayo ng mentalidad at ambisyon, yung nakakaintindi ba.

My focus is to help people overcome the same challenge and produce new sets of experts who will pass the knowledge on to the generation next to them.

If you want to go straight from Point A to Point B, here's the program that you need.







The program showcases the best strategies that is available for you to use for your clients or for your business. It isn't just the basics but the advance and updated approaches for you to gain a successful campaign. 

It is not even focused to Facebook™ Ads alone as that doesn't guarantee success on an overall point of view. It can be for some businesses but definitely not for all kinds of business out there. There is an underlying systematic approach that has served as the foundation in marketing products and services since the time trading has begun. The skills, the methods and the strategic planning makes trading a solid ground to improve mercantile from that day onwards.

You can't rely on "some said" "they said" theories. You need to follow the proven blueprint that has made people successful. It has been said many many times "do not reinvent the wheel". With that said, I will have to state that "to know the road ahead, ask those coming back".

You can start a business in this modern day where everything and every skill can be learned through the internet, such as Google and Youtube, you can start an online business that costs ZERO dollars. Not even a penny. But may take a while before you fully understand since the information out there is ridiculously massive. Sometimes, just deciding who to listen to is already a struggle in itself.  Does that sound familiar to you?

Then there are programs, courses and coaching sessions that will help you walk the right path. Taking you from point A to point B straight up. Helps you fast track that career or growing a business. But of course you need to invest, not to the people you need to pay to learn, but to yourself. To your future and to the kind of life you want to achieve. Investments have returns just so you know. You just need to pick which one suits you best. I dare say in this evolving world where most things will be digitalized, it can only be Facebook™ Ads + Marketing and I mean NOW! Before others take your spot.

You are not fighting with money here, they can come after, lots of it. You are fighting with time. Don't you wana be one of the shortlisted candidates next time you put your name on the list? Howabout growing your own business at par with the rest of the highly competitive merchants in the market? It isn't that hard to put your products or your client's at the forefront. You only need a skill.

So, are you ready?

  • How To Strategize Your Campaign to be compliant, effective and Produce results
  • You will understand  Facebook™ From The inside Which helps a lot. 
  • the best practices when it comes to creatives & Adcopies
  • how to test, mix, match to find your winning ads before scaling them
  • Discover the fundamental principle of marketing through the thompson theory that drives a successful campaign
  • With over 70+ Video tutorials for FB Ads & Marketing Principles with easy to absorb approach all delivered in taglish.
  • Updates with the current trend whenever necessary.


How important for you to be free from the routinary life of busy traffic, toxic co-workers, robotic 9 -5 cycle that you have to live out most of your life base on the "live to work" framework instead of "work to live" one? 

Howabout having that very competitive skills that is highly in demand locally and internationally? That you can either apply to your own business or build a business around it?

Above all, how is living life on your terms appeal to you? Where you can spend more time with your family, friends and attending to every occassion you onced wish you were a part of? With lots and lots of "ME" time? And ultimately live a full life with all that FREEDOM? It's your call.

Violeta Depalog

OFW/English Teacher/Author

Stock Market Investment Coach

Marvin Joseph Tamayo

Former OFW/Seafarer

Financial Literacy Consultant

Jingo simplified Facebook Ads. Talagang inisa isa nya ang pwede mong matutunan sa FB Ads. Yung mga dating hindi ko alam ay alam ko na. May mga automation pala sa FB Ads na pampadali ng buhay. Kaya natutuwa ako at di ako nagsisi na mag avail ako ng course nya. Isa pa kahit nasa ibang bansa sya ay napakadali nyang mag reply. Hindi mo iisipin na magkalayong bansa kaming dalawa. 

Ang galing nya rin gumawa ng creatives, very cool. Naalala ko, hirap na hirap akong gawin ang creatives ko for my FB Ads pero grabe ka sa galing. While driving ay nag stop ka para lang gawin ang creatives ng Ad ko tapos ganun kabilis mo lang ginawa. Kaya yun na ginamit ko para di na din ako mahirapan. 

Tinulungan nya rin ako i simplify ang post ko dahil takot akong madisapproved ni FB. I want to comply sa mga rules ni FB. So far, wala pa akong Ads na na disapproved since nagpaturo ako sa kanya. 

Salamuch Jingo. Kahit beginner or zero knowledge sa FB Ads ay matututo at maiintindihan ito. Talagang pinadali mo ang mahirap. Isa pa, napaka patient mo sumagot sa akin. Tested na makulit ako magtanong pero natyaga mo ako. 

Cynthia Fuller

RCh, Stock Market Investment Coach

Master Affiliate Marketer

I couldn’t believe it. After so many tries disapproved na lang lagi ang ad ko for my upcoming webinar. I think I did all my best to tweak my landing page kasi yun ang sabi ni FB ma mali sa ad ko.

Feeling ko drain na ang utak ko sa kaiisip kung anong words ang gamitin ko para matanggap ni FB. Iniba ko ang tone ganun parin.

Haay windang na windang ang 4 days na bakasyon ko.

Pero...ito a...pero on the last night ng vacation nagkaroon ako mg break through.

Thanks to you sis and my coach Jingo na kahit pagod na sa work ay ni-review ang ad copy and landing page ko and bilis nagbigay ng work around ng problem ko.

And yun, paggising ko sa umaga check agad ng email at fb ads...voila...approved na sya.

Thank you talaga, di na ako magwoworry na baka langawin ang webinar ko. Isa kang angel na pinadala sa akin mula sa langit.

True po yan no flattering intended.

Violeta Depalog

OFW/English Teacher/Author

Stock Market Investment Coach

I met Jingo in a Facebook for Business conference in Melbourne a bit over half a year ago.

I was struggling with my Coffee Table book that time and I wanted to apply FB Ads to grow it.  I am actually a photographer by heart and putting my works together in a book makes it not just a passion for me but a dedication to the stories of my life.

Anyhow, I still couldn't figure FB Ads so after the conference, probably about a week after, I messaged her and ask for her help. She was generous to give me all the help that I need. 

We structured my ad together only over FB messenger. 

Yay! Just an hour after, I got a sale!!! Amazing!!!

Now she is my advertiser and my friend, isn't that great?

Lucy Di Paolo

Australian Author

Professional Photographer


Georgetter Elnar

Teacher/Event Planner 


Thank you sis, di ko alam kung saan ako pupunta kung di mo ako inassist.

Konting kembot lang pala mawawala ang mga links ng pages mo. So dapat careful pala sa BM management. Thank you so much coach!!!!

So pwede na akong mag ads ulit. natagpuan ko na ang page ko na nawawala, thanks sis.

Melanie Ramos



Hello sis Jingo.! yehey.. approved ang aking very very very first time FB ads.!

I saved this line in my desktop wallpaper..“FB Ads do the targeting and Marketing does the selling”

Dami kong aha moments sa iyong course.!! Binge-watching ako ngayon sa mga videos mo.. Just give me sometime at bibigyan kita ng malufet na testimonials...

Because of your course I can also see myself putting up my own agency someday.. getting excited..!!  

Raymond Carreon

SGV Accountant

Financial Literacy Coach


ONE TIME PAYMENT OF 19,997  4,997


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7 Days Money Back Guarantee

If in the event you find that you are not happy with the program, don't worry as we give a risk reversal of 7-days Money Back Guarantee.

Countdown starts at the first day of Week-1 Masterclass.  All you have to do is send us an email at and we will refund your payment 100% no questions asked. 

Now, that's peace of mind right there! 


My name is Jingo Thompson, single mum, 50, an OFW in Australia, a former housecleaner and carwash girl for 5 long years.

I remember back in 2011 (before I went overseas) I have been heavily doing FB promotions, paid ones. I was running campaigns to build awareness for my environmental org's FB page. There were no courses or trainings for that at that time, well, none that I know of. You can only rely to all the buttons that was given through pop up instructions. Ads were placed on the side bars of the walls in our FB profiles.

I became a Facebook Advertiser NOT overnight. I learned something new each time I get a new client. The everyday mistakes and experiences made me peel this skill layer by layer.

I went deep diving and found myself experimenting and executing (XX-Factor) until I was able to come up with The Thompson Theory.

Our client's goal is generally generate more revenue, make sales and to expand their business. Remember that.

The Thompson Theory is a slap in the face with the things we already know but we're taking for granted. This theory will alter your belief about Facebook Advertising and will present to you the missing puzzle. This will explain why even if you are already good in targeting, look-a-like, bidding, pixel etc...some ads still doesn't give results.

If you want to know more, I can be of help.

Coach/Online Trainor

Founder, AskJingo Project

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