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I Help Entrepreneurs Achieve A Decent Revenue For A Decent Cost With A Decent Ad.

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Leave The Marketing To The Marketers

Focus More On Improving Your Business.

Most of the business owners are advertising on their own doing bootstrapping but ended up wasting more money in the process.

Not every businessman is a marketer. They're entirely different.

In business, work smarter not harder. Delegate.

paper pen and phone

If you worry about wasting money hiring professionals, try the amateurs.

It is ok to hire amateurs since most of the start-ups or small biz owners are trying to compress a small capital to make the business grow. But there's a flipside to it. Sometimes, hiring noobs cost you more money without results. 

Building your business sometimes is a gamble. Whether you make it or you go home. 

In Marketing, you don't gamble. You plan, you strategize and you formulate.

Facebook Messenger


  • Small businesses and start-ups who sell B2B/B2C services

  • Shopee & Lazada Sellers without needing CPAS

  • Online Course Creators & Coaches who don't want to rely on word-of-mouth and networking events to find their next students.


  • Hiring an advertiser for your business saves you a lot of things: 1. You dont have to do the market research yourself, think of an interesting ad copy or create an effective creative, 2. Someone will do the proper structuring of your campaign and that someone is an advertiser, goes by the name, & 3. Do you know extensive testings? Then, that's why you need an advertiser.

  • We'll take the trouble off your hands. Save you from the possible heartaches, headaches and frustrations (which is bad for you). How does stress-free sounds to you?

  • Most importantly, we FREE UP TIME for you. You can focus on other matters such as business expansion, spending quality time with your family or simply spending time with yourself watching Netflix. Wink!

CASE STUDY 1 - Cosmetics

The Cosmetics Company owner tried to do Facebook Ads on her own and this was the result. [Refer to images below]

93 Messages in 18 days - Cost Per Message ranges from ₱25-₱379

They asked me to handle their ads and I started June 19, 2022. Launched the ads in June 22, 2022. Analyzed their data, implemented testing.

Applied my own method and after several tries, gradually, I was able to bring down CPA and managed to get a more targeted audience.

1,189 Messages in 18 days - Cost Per Message ranges from ₱10-15

Client's Work

My Work

CASE STUDY 2 - Digital Products [ Lead Generation]

The client and I were already stressed due to the rising cost per lead, it went up to 75% higher and on a very worst day about 175%.

Another struggle was, even if our audience came from a tight 1% LAA of Customer's List, leads are not converting.

[Refer to images below]

651 Leads in 3 Months - Cost Per Lead ranges from ₱45-₱175

After several testing and experiments, I brought the campaign back to its former glory. Cheaper leads, converting too.

1,121 Leads in 1 Month - Cost Per Lead ranges from ₱16-₱25

Other Services

Our group is committed to help individuals in their interest in particular. Hence we offer a service only that is required to help lessen the trouble along with the expenses.

1-On-1 Coaching

P1,995 (1 hour session)

4-Week Follow Up Sessions

(1 hour each)

By Appointment

Email Me

Creative Studio

We do creatives, explainer videos to product video or simply a catchy image. Price range depends on the scope of the project.

Price starts at P495

Click here for details.

***Pay first policy.

Email Me

Ads Structuring

BESTSELLER: I check and assess campaign structure, assets such as pixel (if properly installed), targeting, adcopies, creatives etc.. to see if it can convert with 2 re-structuring session.

Price starts at P2000/adset

***Pay first policy.

Click here to begin.

Email Me


21 Day FBAds Challenge

For Business Owners, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Car Agents, etc...

Learn Facebook Ads even if you have absolute zero advertising experience.


Facebook Ads For Aspiring Advertisers

Complete guide for aspiring Facebook Ad Strategist on how to find clients, setting up their BMs, auditing the business S.W.O.T. with all the necessary templates, contracts etc...


Code Red 3.0 (Repair Kit)

Repair your deliquent ad accounts, pages, BMs and personal profiles to avoid getting banned.

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Your Questions Answered

What If I don’t have any experience?

You don't need experience.

You only need to know how to listen and how to be patient. 

You also need a computer, a smartphone and an internet.

What if I don’t get any results

If that's your mindset, then you won't.

Every person who wants to get results will not give up without even beginning first. I myself had tons of failures for years before I made results.

You need to get that result, you will have what you need inside the training.

Can I do this training at my own pace?


The only time you may miss a chance if you have a tight schedule is the live coaching. But it will be recorded for people who aren't able to attend.

What happens after training ends?

Support is continous inside the private Facebook Group.

You can ask unlimited questions.

Do you have any guarantees?

There is no guarantee because results are performance based. My result is based on my own efforts and with the methods that I will be teaching you. Yours depends on yours. 

I cannot foresee Facebook's random changes that can affect a lot of things which is why a private group is there for updates.

How to know if this isn’t a scam

I can't tell you anything. I can say it isn't but it is and otherwise. If you are not confident enough to do it, don't push yourself. DON'T ENROL.


But you can create a powerful campaign by properly structuring them. It's not even that intricate. You only need guidance and common sense.


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