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Emotional Stability

Build your Fortress

Strengthen Your Assets

Solidify your Ground

Did you also experience long sleepless nights just because you advertise on Facebook?

I did it many times over in the past four years.

I started as a small-time digipreneur/freelancer running Facebook Ads for myself and for other people.

I spent a lot of money, dollars and pesos to acquire my skill. I even came to a point where I maxed out my credit card limit because I took this online course from well-known coaches from the US and from London.

I attended heaps of conferences and seminars in Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra where most business engagements happen.

I was scared but I am gutsy so I just went on.

I am set to being a Facebook Ad Strategist which I absolutely loved since the day I dipped my fingers in it.

Things are well for a bit while until I got restricted in 2019.

First, my Facebook Page was flagged and got shadowbanned.  You won’t be able to advertise using it and a little later my Business Manager got banned.

You don’t wana know. I was hysterical,  I was panicking, and even developed anxiety.

Why? For F’s sake, I am drowned to my neck with debt. I emptied my savings and to top it all, I have my first client who relied on me. I was building an online business!

Come on, all of them adjectives are underrated. I was totally depressed. Not sleeping for days.

Being the slack I am, I created a new profile which I was able to use for some time and in 2020 September, it was at the height of the pandemic and also the height of my career (you won't believe it!), I run through another problem. 

T’was a year after the first. My account got locked up. this time I was in Malaysia.

It was like this: you go to Facebook, you try logging in but all you see is a “submit ID” button message.

I did it. I submitted my Aussie Driver’s License and again, I got through. 

I started being careful after this time.

But I had to go through it again in late 2021 and several more in 2022.

I went back all the way to when I first had that strike in 2019. 

Luckily, I still have a “friend” I placed in all BMs across mine and my clients as my saving grace which I called Plan B. 

After a couple of months of looking through the lenses and thinking through, I was able to come up with a solution. 

This one is meticulously formulated using Facebook’s own protocols with a tweak. 


Note: keep reading..


Account Immunity Protocols

The secrets you will learn here can never be found anywhere else because I didn't learn them from any coach or mentor.

You won't find this anywhere. The perfect solution for advertisers and business owners who are always scared of getting banned knowing that you are secured. 

It's an online video tutorial you can consume as slow or as fast as you like and is ACTIONABLE RIGHT AWAY. With a follow-up of 1 live video session plus a private group that allows you to ask whenever you have questions.

What's Inside?

"An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure"

Dummy is not dumb

Understand the algorithm so you know exactly why restrictions are being imposed and so you know what to avoid doing.

what you need to do 

Contains most solutions that have never been discussed in basic Facebook Training Program which are very vital to keeping above scores.

Immunize your business manager

Learn how to strengthen your house which is the Business Manager by putting up foundations in advance.

immunize your page

Secure your page that bears your brand or business front so you don't have to worry getting it unpublish or suspended.

immunize your personal account

Solidify your most valuable asset, your personal account by doing the undiscovered method inside.

clean your footprints

We always have to clean our trash after every mess, don't we?

This short tutorial is basically a back up plan just incase you get restricted & how to avoid the restrictions. This is NOT for recovering restricted accounts.

What happens if you don't Get This Product?

  • You're always afraid to check your BM, you keep praying it's still ok.
  • You are not confident because you know you can be thrown out of the ballgame anytime.
  • You have n backup plan that's why in a wink of an eye you can lose everything.
  • Your business and career as a media buyer has no long-term security.
  • You barely sleep.

How much does peace cost to you? Are you not thinking of what you have built only to lose by not taking action today?

I'm Jingo

From a housecleaner of 6 years in the beautiful land of Oz (Australia) to a Facebook Ads Strategist that does work anywhere & everywhere.

I decided I want to work on a desk when I reach 50. I did it.

I have been working with start-ups to establish businesses since 2018, locally and abroad.

AskJingo, Senior FB Ads Strategist

Our Clients

Buti na lang ikaw ang strategist ko

Kung hindi ikaw ang strategist ko baka kung ano na nangyari sa business ko.

Buti na lang ikaw nakuha ko.

Gigi b. - ceo & business owner

Aha moment sakin to talaga!

Sa unang nood ko sabi ko baka parang gaya lang to ng mga libre sa youtube. Pero ng matapos ko lahat ng video, wow, a-ha moment sakin to talaga!

Ms. loren - business owner diet plan

Madami na ko napanood pero now ko lang nalaman to

Yung tungkol sa algorithm at pano ba dapat laruin ito, ganun pala sya. Ang dami pa pala talaga. Madami na ko napanood pero now ko lang nalaman to.

Ani, aspiring FB AD Strategist

Product Overview Section


  • I will explain how things happened even if the reasons are not so accurate.
  • Facebook restricts accounts for a reason and sometimes by mistake.
  • But in all honesty, I think we are in its mercy whether we like it or not.


  • We all make mistakes and sometimes we aren't aware we did. 
  • If it's the case then we cannot argue, can we?
  • We know it. But we always want to look innocent though we know we've done something that causes our own troubles


  • The Machine Learning that Facebook uses to identify the mistakes maybe accurate but not 100%.
  • This is made by man, programmed by man and only a man can also figure out or at least try to find a work around for it.

Get started now!

Feel confident doing ads.

What Makes This Different

You don't need results, you just have to act.

This solution is tested and proven by myself and by my students and clients.

My clients and my students are now relaxed going to bed and waking up because their accounts are safe and secure.

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How to dance with the algorithm
  • How to dance with the algorithm so you get the best out of Facebook.
  • Understand the best practices that are not taught much by some coaches because not every coach knows this secret.
  • Discover what makes the algorithm and what it favours inside its ecosystem.

How To Revive A Delinquent Page

  • Learn how to avoid suspension and keep your pages above the negative score.
  • Know the initial action to take to help your page go above the negative threshold right away.
  • Don't be lazy, post and learn what to post so you don't run out of an idea.

How to rescue a good ad turned bad

  • A simple hack that was revealed by one of the top brass Facebook masters that can help a good ad turn bad turn good again.
  • You only need to do 3-tricks and it's going to be good again.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 24-Hours


If for any reason, you don't like this amazing short course, you can get a full refund anytime within 24 Hours after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund. But remember, you will no longer have access to a personal 4-week consultation with me and you will be removed from the private support group.

Our Clients

What a discovery!

I have tried everything to find a solution that will help get this trouble go away. The teachings are absolutely mind blowing. What a discovery!

DUNN - BUILDER/contractor

The details you discover that were there but not know

If not for her, we wouldn't know the details that were there. Somebody got to explain it and it's her.

ROD - online entrepreneur

Iba talaga may coach..

Kung di dahil sa tutorial na to, kahit makita ko pa yun diko gagalawin. Iba talaga may coach.

Armie - marketer

Frequently asked questions

What if it won't work for me?

It worked for me and for many other people, I don't see any problem that it won't work for you if just follow the teachings.

I am slow learner and non-techy, can I do it?

The teaching is taglish, nothing that needs technical know-how. You will just secure your assets, it's not rocket science.

Can I still ask questions after I'm done?


I don't have PayPal, any other way to pay?

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